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About Me: Meet the Team

My Approach

The Approach:

  • A patient-centred approach, involving the family and system around the young person.


  • Prior to the appointment, information is collected through the referral letter.

  • Reports are also requested and thoroughly reviewed.

  • Screening and rating questionnaires are also sent prior to the appointment where indicated.


  • The consultation is focused on interacting with the young person.

  • Parents may be seen separately or as part of this appointment.


  • By the end of the appointment, we will have an agreed treatment plan.

  • Handholding and milestone plans will be discussed including medication where needed.

  • Hand over of care to the GP will also be discussed.


  • Where follow-up appointments are needed, they are arranged in discussion with the young person and their family and are usually shorter in duration.


  • A detailed report will be compiled and sent to you, your GP, and your referrer.

  • A separate letter for school/college can also be provided where needed.

Incoming Patients:​

  • Patients are seen only by appointment.

  • Usually, a referral from a health professional (e.g. GP, paediatrician, psychologist, therapist, counsellor) is required.


  • I have a short waiting list.

  • Assessment appointments are usually available within 2 weeks.

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